Ashok, Babu and Chetan are in partnership sharing profit in the proportion of 1/2, 1/3, 1/6 respectively. They dissolve the partnership of the 31st March, 2019 when the Balance Sheet of the firm as under:

( Rs.)
( Rs.)
SundryCreditors      20,000Bank7,500
Bills Payable25,500Sundry Debtors58,000
Babu’s Loan         30,000Stock 39,500
Capital A/cs: Machinery48,000
Ashok 70,000 Investments42,000
Babu 55,000 Freehold Property50,500
Chetan 27,000 1,52,000 
Current A/c :                 
Ashok 10,000  
Babu 5,000  
Chetan 3,00018,000 
  2,45,500  2,45,500

The Machinery was taken over by Babu for Rs. 45,000, Ashok took over the Investments for Rs. 40,000 and Freehold property took over by Chetan at Rs. 55,000. The remaining Assets realised as follows:
Sundry Debtors Rs. 56,500 and Stock Rs. 36,500. Sundry Creditors  were settled at discount of 7%. A Office computer, not shown in the books of accounts realised Rs. 9,000. Realisation expenses amounted to Rs. 3,000.
Prepare Realisation Account, Partners’ Capital Accounts and Bank Account.


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