Calculate Cash Flow from Operating Activities from the following information.

Particular31st March 2017 Amount (Rs.)
Net Profit (Difference between Closing and Opening Balance of Surplus, i.e., Balance in Statement of Profit and Loss)8,00,000
Final Dividend paid in the year1,10,000
Compensation for Natural Disaster credited to Statement of Profit and Loss75,000
Loss on Sale of Investment30,000
Gain (Profit) on Sale of Land90,000
Provision for Tax1,10,000
Dividend Received20,000
Decrease in Current Assets (Other than Cash and Cash Equivalents)40,000
Increase in Current Liabilities70,000
Decrease in Current Liabilities10,000
Increase in Current Assets (Other than Cash and Cash Equivalents)60,000
Income Tax Refund10,000
Income Tax Paid1,20,000


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