Following information is related to ABC Ltd.: STATEMMENT OF PROFIT AND LOSS for the year ended 31st March, 2019

ParticularsNote No.Amount
I. Revenue from Operations (Net Sales)30,00,000
II. Other Income145,000
III. Total Revenue (I + II)30,45,000
IV. Expenses;
(a) Purchases of Stock-in-Trade23,03,000
(b) Change in Inventories of Stock-in-Trade2(16,000)
(c) Depreciation and Amortisation Expenses1,85,000
(d) Other Expenses33,29,000
Total Expenses28,01,000
V. Profit before Tax (III − IV)2,44,000
VI. Less: Provision for Tax64,000
VII. Profit after Tax (V – VI)1,80,000

Notes to Accounts

1. Other Income
(a) Dividend Received5,000
(b) Gain (Profit) on Sale of Plant40,000
2. Change in Inventories of Stock-in-Trade
Opening Inventories2,84,000
Less: Closing Inventories3,00,000
3. Other Expenses
(a) Office Expenses58,000
(b) Selling Expenses2,35,000
(c) Loss on Sale of Assets36,000
Other Information:Balance as on
31st March, 2019

Amount (Rs.)
Balance as on
31st March, 2018
Amount (Rs.)
Trade Payables2,78,0002,50,000
Trade Receivables4,52,0004,15,000
Office Expenses Outstanding5,000
Selling Expenses Outstanding25,00022,000

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