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Refer your friend and get PayTM Cash / Amazon / Flipkart / BMS Gift Vouchers having worth of 50% for each successful referrals. Your friend will also get an instant discount of 50% in addition to 10% cashback.

Referral Bonus:
Flat 50%

For every successful referral you will get gift vouchers having worth of 50% of your friend's shopping value.

Every Referral Counts

No minimum spending amount for the buyers for your referral bonus.

Unlimited Cashback

Earn unlimited cashback without any limitations on the number of referrals or cash back amounts.

Additional Bonus

Additional 5% bonus on achieving the milestones in the multiples of 5 successful referrals.

60% off for your friend

Referee will get 60% off (i.e. 50% instant Discount and 10% cashback of the first purchase value).

Refer Existing Customers too

Referee can be an existing or a new customer of Swamonk EduCare.

Also available for non-customers

Referral program is equally available for our non-customers too.

Universal referral link

Referral bonus is available even if your friends shops for any other eligible course / product on our Website by using your unique referral link.

Quick Payouts

You will receive the gift vouchers within 4-7 days of your eligibility.

How to Start?

Your referral account will be activated within the next 24 hours (to the max.). Existing users account may already have an active status hence they can start referring instantly.

Share your unique referral link with your friends along with your unique coupon code.

Your friend (i.e. referee) needs to use your unique link along with your unique coupon code in the “Apply Coupon Code” section at the time of purchase to make you eligible for the referral benefits.

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