Make Money with us

Refer your friend and get PayTM Cash / Amazon / Flipkart / BMS Gift Vouchers having worth of 50% for each successful referrals. Your friend will also get an instant discount of 50% in addition to 10% cashback.

Key Features:

  • You will get PayTM Cash / Amazon / Flipkart / BookMyShow (BMS) Gift Vouchers having worth of 50% of each successful referrals as per your choice. (Successful referrals mean when your friend shops for any of our paid course/product).
  • Unlimited cashback without any limitations on the number of referrals or cashback amounts.
  • No minimum spending amount for the buyers for your referral bonus.
  • Additional 5% bonus (of the total purchase price paid by the referees excluding tax amounts) on reaching the milestones in the multiples of 5 successful referrals.
  • Your friend (i.e. referee) will get 60% off (i.e. Flat 50% Discount Coupon Code along with 10% cashback in their wallet of the first purchase value).
  • The referral program is equally available for our non-customers too.
  • Your friend (i.e. referee) can be an existing or a new customer of Swamonk EduCare.
  • You will earn your referral bonus even if your friend (i.e. referee) shops for any of the course/product available on our website (except for those courses/products which are unless and until specifically excluded).


  • The referral program is equally available for our non-customers too. Hence even if you’re not a student of Swamonk EduCare even then you will be eligible for our referral program with the same benefits available for Swamonk EduCare’s Students.

How do I refer?

  • Register at
  • Your referral account will be activated within the next 24 hours (to the max.).
  • Share your unique referral link with your friends and your unique coupon code.
  • Your friend (i.e. referee) needs to use your unique link as-well-as your unique coupon code in the “Apply Coupon Code” section at the time of purchase to make you eligible for the referral benefits.


  • Once your successful referral is verified, you should receive the gift cards/vouchers within 4-7 days of your eligibility via email.

General Terms & Conditions:

  • Your referral account will be activated within 24 hours of the account’s creation.
  • Our cashback processing time is 4-7 working days.
  • No referral bonus is available on own purchases.
  • No referral bonus on cancelled/refunded/null orders.
  • In case the referee has been referred by more than 1 referrer/affiliate in that case only that referrer will be entitled to the referral/affiliate commission whose code and the unique link has been used.
  • In case of any transactions deemed fraudulent by our referral management system, Swamonk EduCare reserves the right to cancel the referral reward.
  • Swamonk EduCare reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral program at any time based on its sole discretion.
  • Email confirmation received when your link is used for the shopping on our Website is just an initial and unverified confirmation. It shouldn’t be considered as a final confirmation until you receive a formal validation email from our side.
  • Your referral account reflects only eligible referrals but the same is ultimately subject to validation and verification by our referral management system. The decision of our referral management system i.e. Swamonk EduCare’s shall be final and override your referral account.
  • There will be no referral bonus on the purchase of gift cards or payment made through gift cards even if the same reflects in your Referral Account but the claim for the same shall be rejected by our referral management system subsequently. In case, gift cards are used for partial payments then you will be entitled to the referral bonus on the remaining payment portion (i.e. used other than gift cards).
  • All of the referral bonus shall be computed on pre-tax final sale price.

Example: Let’s say, MRP of a course is Rs 2000/- (incl. tax i.e. post tax price).

Customer gets 50% on using your unique coupon code (i.e. Rs 1000/-).

Final Sale Price (Post tax) = 1000/-

Final Sale Price (Pre-tax) = 847/- [1000/(100%+18%]

Your referral bonus: 847*50% = Rs 424/-

  • Kindly refer the detailed terms and conditions here.

Terms and Conditions

This referral policy applies to users who are participating in Swamonk EduCare’s Referral Referral Scheme (the “Referral Referral Scheme”). Your participation in the Referral Scheme is deemed if:

(a) you share your unique referral coupon code and your unique referral link with others by any means. By participating in this Referral Scheme, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of our referral policy (“Policy”), which are in addition to and subject to Swamonk’s “Terms of use” available on the Platform.  If you do not agree to this Policy, please do not participate in the Referral Scheme.  Swamonk EduCare reserves the right to modify or terminate or revoke the Referral Scheme, in whole or in part, at any time and in any manner (including retrospective withdrawal to fix any clerical or any other error/misuse).

1. Definitions

“Referrer” means a user of Swamonk EduCare whether he is a customer of any of our product/course or not.

“Friend” means the individual being referred by a Referrer.

“Referee” means a friend referred by the referrer to shop any of the paid courses/products available at Swamonk EduCare.

“Referral Code” is the unique Coupon Code generated when the Referrer submits his own application or otherwise in a manner decided by Swamonk EduCare.

“Referral bonus” means the benefit receivable under this policy, in the form of PayTM Cash / Amazon / Flipkart / BMS Gift Vouchers or discounts, as the case may be.

2. Criteria

The Referrer must share her/his unique Referral Code and unique referral link with the Friend (i.e. referee), the referee should use that unique link to shop her/his course/product and also apply referrer’s unique coupon code in the “Apply Coupon Code” Section. Swamonk EduCare shall not accept the Referral Code any time after the application is made by the referee. Additionally, the referee must pay the product/course amount for the Referral to be considered complete.

3. Value & Disbursement of Reward

The amount of Reward receivable is dependent on the status of the Referrer at the time the Friend uses the Referral Code and submits the application. Referral bonus shall only and only be paid in the case when the referee shops for any paid product/course and not in any other case whatsoever.

4. Other points to be noted

Swamonk EduCare reserves the right to ask for your TDS and other tax details to comply with any of the applicable law/statues.

A user can either claim the benefits under the Affiliate Program or Referral Program. Benefits of both of the programs cannot be claimed simultaneously.

The benefits of this policy cannot be clubbed with any other benefit. For further clarity, please check with your support team at [email protected]

In case the Reward is a cash payout, a bank transfer will take 3 banking days from the date of receipt of the referral form duly filled with all the bank details in the case.

Unless otherwise specified, there is no time limit or usage limit for the validity of any Referral Code, i.e., referral code can be used any number of times.

The Referral Code usage shall be evaluated on a case to case basis by Swamonk EduCare and Swamonk EduCare holds the power to block the Referral Code if any misuse is suspected, at the sole discretion of Swamonk EduCare. The decision of Swamonk EduCare will be final in this case.

Swamonk EduCare reserves the right to suspend any of the referrer’s account on observing any of of the case of fraudulent / misuses / false promises to the customers or receiving any complaint or suo moto.

Source of the referee: There will be a check of the source of the Friend and of whether the Referrer used any marketing channel or through Referrer herself/himself. The misuse of the code through any social media channels will cause Swamonk EduCare to block your referral code. Our Finance team may contact you for clarification. All disputes shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of Faridabad District Court.