The Balance Sheet of Madhu and Vidhi who are sharing profits in the ratio of 2 : 3 as at 31st March, 2016 is given below:

Madhu’s Capital5,20,000Land and Building3,00,000
Vidhi’s Capital3,00,000Machinery2,80,000
General Reserve30,000Stock80,000
Bills Payable1,50,000Debtors – 3,00,000
          Less: Provision – (10,000)2,90,000
 Bank 50,000
   10,00,00010,00  ,000

Madhu and Vidhi decided to admit Gayatri as a new partner from 1st April, 2016 and their new profit-sharing ratio will be 2 : 3 : 5. Gayatri brought Rs. 4,00,000 as her capital and her share of goodwill premium in cash.
(a) Goodwill of the firm was valued at Rs. 3,00,000.
(b) Land and Building was found undervalued by Rs. 26,000.
(c) Provision for doubtful debts was to be made equal to 5% of the debtors.
(d) There was a claim of Rs. 6,000 on account of workmen compensation.
Prepare Revaluation Account, Partners’ Capital Accounts and the Balance Sheet of the reconstituted firm.


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