Amit, Balan and Chander were partners in a firm sharing profits in the proportion of 1/2, 1/3 and 1/6 respectively. Chander retired on 1st April, 2014. The Balance Sheet of the firm on the date of Chander’s retirement was as follows:

Sundry Creditors12,600Bank4,100
Provident Fund3,000Debtors 30,000
General Reserve9,000Less: Provision -(1,000)29,000
Capital A/c :Stock25,000
Amit – 40,000Investments10,000
Balan – 36,500 Patents5,000
Chander – 20,00096,500Machinery48,000

It was agreed that:
(i) Goodwill will be valued at Rs. 27,000.
(ii) Depreciation of 10% was to be provided on Machinery.
(iii) Patents were to be reduced by 20%.
(iv) Liability on account of Provident Fund was estimated at Rs. 2,400.
(v) Chander took over Investments for Rs. 15,800.
(vi) Amit and Balan decided to adjust their capitals in proportion of their profit-sharing ratio by opening Current Accounts.
Prepare Revaluation Account and Partners’ Capital Accounts on Chander’s retirement.


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