Calculate Cash Flow from Investing Activities from the following information:

Particular31st March, 2019
Amount (Rs.)
31st March, 2018
Amount (Rs.)
Investment in Land3,00,0003,00,000
Shares in Damodar Ltd.1,50,0001,50,000
12% Long-term Investments80,00050,000
Plant and Machinery7,50,0006,00,000

Additional Information:
1. A piece of land was purchased as an investment out of surplus. It was let out for commercial purpose and the rent received was Rs. 20,000.
2. Dividend received from Damodar Ltd. @ 12%.
3. Patents written off to the extent of Rs. 20,000. Some patents were sold at a profit of Rs. 10,000.
4. A machine costing Rs. 80,000 (depreciation provided thereon Rs. 30,000) was sold for Rs. 35,000. Depreciation charged during the year was Rs. 70,000.
5. During the year 12% investments were purchased for Rs. 1,00,000 and some investments were sold at a profit of Rs. 10,000. Interest on investments for the year was duly received.


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