What Journal entries would be passed for discharge of following unrecorded liabilities on the dissolution of a firm of partners A and B: (a) There was a contingent liability in respect of bills discounted but not matured of Rs. 18,500. An acceptor of one bill of Rs. 2,500 became insolvent and fifty paise in a rupee was recovered. The liability of the firm on account of this bill discounted and dishonoured has not so far been recorded. (b) There was a contingent liability in respect of a claim for damages for Rs. 75,000, such liability was settled for Rs. 50,000 and paid by the partner A. (c) Firm will have to pay Rs. 10,000 as compensation to an injured employee, which was a contingent liability not accepted by the firm. (d) Rs. 5,000 for damages claimed by a customer has been disputed by the firm. It was settled at 70% by a compromise between the customer and the firm.


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