Calculate Cash Flow from Operating Activities from the following information: INCOME STATEMENT (STATEMENT OF PROFIT AND LOSS) for the year ended 31st March, 2019.

ParticularsNote No.Amount
I. Revenue from Operations (Sales)5,98,000
II. Other Income119,500
III. Total Revenue (I + II)6,17,500
IV. Expenses;
Cost of Materials Consumed4,00,000
Change in Inventories of Finished Goods and Work-in-Progress215,000
Employee Benefit Expenses1,05,000
Depreciation and Amortisation Expenses15,000
Other Expenses320,000
Total Expenses5,55,000
V. Profit before Tax (III − IV)62,500
VI. Tax @ 30%18,750
VII. Profit after Tax (V − VI)43,750

Notes to Accounts

1. Other Income
Gain (Profit) on Sale of Machinery2,500
Interest on Debentures held as Investments2,000
Changes in Inventories of Finished Goods and Work-in-Progress
(a) Finished Goods
Opening Inventories37,500
Less: Closing Inventories25,000
(b) Work-in-Progress
Opening Inventories22,500
Less: Closing Inventories20,000
Total (a + b)15,000
2. Other Expenses
Office Expenses12,500
Selling Expenses6,000
Loss on Sale of Furniture1,500


Current Assets and Current Liabilities
As on 31st March, 2019
Amount (Rs.)
As on 1st April, 2018
Amount (Rs.)
Trade Receivables25,00020,000
Trade Payables32,50035,000
Outstanding Expenses8,0005,000
Prepaid Expenses5,0003,500


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